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Intercontinental Music Lab

Ordinary Bones

Subject: Julia Pastrana, Music and vocals by Rob Fisher. Lyrics by Bercilak de Hautdesert

I’m the side-show of the world, even the Aztecs would laugh
If they’d been cursed by chance to see me
With all the words in the world, men would struggle to describe me
But it doesn’t stop them from trying
And they keep trying

However sweet you sing
There’s a hole in everything
These are ordinary bones
You can’t give them away
You can’t give them away

Down the old Gothic Hall, even empathy was bald
And no one even thinks that I’m human
I don’t know where to turn, and everybody yearns
For a sight or a strand of this long-haired, long-held grief

Now you’re dancing with the freak
No good will come of this
If I could dance my heart to sleep
I’d be slipping away
I’d be slipping away

The rule of this blood
It is cruel and without luck

I am the end of the line
Even the child that we made
In the darkness of that cage
Knew enough to head for the sun

Now my whole life’s turned to wax
Under finger-printed glass
But these are ordinary bones
They keep giving away
They keep giving away

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