"Throw me the idol
No time to argue"
- Sapito
Intercontinental Music Lab

The Freeekshow

Subject: Circus Freaks, Written by Greg Dean. Performed by Greg Dean, Barney Brown and Layla Vandenbergh

Welcome everybody to the ring today
The show is only 5 minutes away
Ladies and gentlemen take your seats
To witness all these remarkable freaks

And oh…
With the sound of the band still ringing
We’ll be starting with the freak show, and the song that they’ll be singing

We’re the circus freaks
We’re here all week
Come stare at all our misery
When the lights go up
And the circus starts
Come laugh at us with all your hearts

Well did you like the freaks? Yeah we want to know
Put your hands together at the end of the show
And don’t feel guilty if you laughed out loud
They’re freaks and they love to entertain the crowd

They say ‘oh…
Sure it’s been a long long year for us
But don’t go shedding tears for us
This place is always here for us’


So many years spent alone
Now so many freaks to call my own
Hey guys, what’s new to dull the pain?
Oh whatever, lets get drunk again
And again
And again


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