"Throw me the idol
No time to argue"
- Sapito
Intercontinental Music Lab


Animals and birds are getting wiped out and the IML is concerned. Really concerned. So with this album we wrote songs and dedicated to them to a small number of those most in danger. We ask all downloaders to perhaps pop by the World Wildlife Fund and make a donation in return for this sumptuous music.

Release date: September 2011, Album artwork: Logan Bradley, Album wrangler: Dan Waldkirch, Album mastered by: Tim Donderevo

1. Death of a Turtle
Subject: Green Sea Turtle, Lyrics and vocals: Sam Berry/Julian Peters, Music: Matt Flaherty
2. Bug-Hole Finger-Digger
Subject: Red Slender Loris, Lyrics and vocals: Tim Donderevo, Music: Julian Peters
3. I, Axolotl
Subject: Axolotl, Lyrics and vocals: Barney Brown, Music: Will Betts, Other info: Lyrics based on the short story Axolotl by Julio Cortazar
4. Your Royal Purpleness
Subject: Purple Frog, Lyrics: Will Betts/Angelina Dove, Vocals: Angelina Dove, Music: Dan Waldkirch
5. Mico Macaco
Subject: Golden Lion Tamarin, Lyrics: Tim Donderevo, Vocals: Kelly Hoglund, Music: Layla Vandenbergh
6. A Scent of You
Subject: Snow Leopard, Lyrics and vocals: Layla Vandenbergh, Music: Tim Donderevo
7. Markhor
Subject: Markhor, Lyrics and vocals: Alicia Adler, Music: Barney Brown, Other info: Sound effects from soundbible.com (public domain)
8. Blue If You Don’t, Blue If You Do
Subject: Blue Throated Macaw, Lyrics and vocals: Mike Weber, Music: Tim Donderevo
9. Kakapo Family Reunion 2005
Subject: Kakapo, Lyrics and vocals: Dan Waldkirch, Music: Barney Brown
10. So Long and Thanks
Subject: Coelacanth, Lyrics and vocals: Matt Flaherty, Music: Mike Weber

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