"You're gonna need
a bigger boat"
- Martin Brody
Intercontinental Music Lab


Animals and birds are getting wiped out and the IML is concerned. Really concerned. So with this album we wrote songs and dedicated to them to a small number of those most in danger. We ask all downloaders to perhaps pop by the World Wildlife Fund and make a donation in return for this sumptuous music.

Release date: September 2011, Album artwork: Logan Bradley, Album wrangler: Dan Waldkirch, Album mastered by: Tim Donderevo

1. Death of a Turtle
Subject: Green Sea Turtle, Lyrics and vocals: Sam Berry/Julian Peters, Music: Matt Flaherty
2. Bug-Hole Finger-Digger
Subject: Red Slender Loris, Lyrics and vocals: Tim Donderevo, Music: Julian Peters
3. I, Axolotl
Subject: Axolotl, Lyrics and vocals: Barney Brown, Music: Will Betts, Other info: Lyrics based on the short story Axolotl by Julio Cortazar
4. Your Royal Purpleness
Subject: Purple Frog, Lyrics: Will Betts/Angelina Dove, Vocals: Angelina Dove, Music: Dan Waldkirch
5. Mico Macaco
Subject: Golden Lion Tamarin, Lyrics: Tim Donderevo, Vocals: Kelly Hoglund, Music: Layla Vandenbergh
6. A Scent of You
Subject: Snow Leopard, Lyrics and vocals: Layla Vandenbergh, Music: Tim Donderevo
7. Markhor
Subject: Markhor, Lyrics and vocals: Alicia Adler, Music: Barney Brown, Other info: Sound effects from soundbible.com (public domain)
8. Blue If You Don’t, Blue If You Do
Subject: Blue Throated Macaw, Lyrics and vocals: Mike Weber, Music: Tim Donderevo
9. Kakapo Family Reunion 2005
Subject: Kakapo, Lyrics and vocals: Dan Waldkirch, Music: Barney Brown
10. So Long and Thanks
Subject: Coelacanth, Lyrics and vocals: Matt Flaherty, Music: Mike Weber

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