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IML Goes to War

We went into enemy territory with this album, exploring themes harder than any themes we’ve ever explored before. The result is perhaps are most consistent album to-date. Despite a band size numbering in the teens and 14 tracks, this album, perhaps more than any of our others, sounds like we all got together in a bunker, and recorded it together. Attention!

Release date: December 2010, Album artwork: Aya Saito, Album wrangler: Julian Peters, Album mastered by: Tim Donderevo

1. War of Aggression
Subject: War of Aggression, Music: Seb Roberts, Vocal and Lyrics: Tim Donderevo
2. Last Days of the Athenian Empire
Subject: The Peloponnesian War, Music: Barney Brown, Vocal and Lyrics: Joseph Ashley-Smith
3. Agent Provocateur
Subject: Anna Chapman, Music: Dan Waldkirch, Vocal and Lyrics: Layla Vandenbergh
4. Won’t Come Between Us
Subject: Conscientious Objector. Music: Joseph Ashley-Smith, Vocal and Lyrics: Bob Fisher
5. The Siege of Fushimi Castle
Subject: Torii Mototada, Music: Joe Dean, Lyrics: Seventy Seven, Vocals: Seventy Seven and Megumi Yamauchi, (thanks to Megumi Yamauchi and Matt Lyne)
6. My Man O’ War
Subject: Chesty Puller, Music: Greg Dean, Vocal and Lyrics: Jim Smith, Backing vocals: Jules Peters
7. We Are the Land, We Are the Map
Subject: The Ottoman-Habsburg Wars, Music: Rob Fisher, Lyrics by Melonee, Vocals by Melonee and the Mohacs
8. Five Hundred Five
Subject: Simo Hayha, Music: Seventy Seven, Vocal and Lyrics: Dan Waldkirch
9. The Holdouts
Subject: Post war holdouts, Music: Jim Smith and Barney Brown, Vocal and Lyrics: Julian Peters and Sam Berry
10. Purple Heart
Subject: US Marines, Music: Matt Flaherty, additional drums by Malcolm Cooper, Vocal, Lyrics and Guitar Solo: Greg Dean
11. Big Dog’s Dream
Subject: Robots in war, Music: Neil Parfitt and Russell Soares (Feat. Jeff Lightning on tambourine), Vocal and Lyrics: Barney Brown
12. Battle of Bull Run
Subject: US Civil War, Music: Julian Peters, Lyrics: Kelly Hoglund and Tim Donderevo, Vocals: Kelly Hoglund
13. Stalingrad (Rattenkrieg)
Subject: Stalingrad, Music: Tim Donderevo, Lyrics and vocals: Kip Loades
14. Feel No Peace
Subject: Inner war, Music: The Incredible Flight of Birdman, Vocal and Lyrics: Matt Flaherty

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