" I'm gonna run you
over when I come
back down"
- Dennis Nedry
Intercontinental Music Lab

Agent Provocateur

Subject: Anna Chapman, Music: Dan Waldkirch, Vocal and Lyrics: Layla Vandenbergh

Well it seems I love the limelight
Nothing wrong with a little exposure
They call me Bond girl like Ursula Andress
If there’s a camera I’ll take off my dress
-I’ll show you my guns

-But you know it wasn’t always like this for me. Let me explain

Raised in Moscow, expensive schooling
Business Masters and grew up good looking
Worked in London, got a husband
A British passport
Dual citizenship

Family connections took me home
Shady dealings waiting to be done
The cold war ended years ago
But that’s no reason to stop watching them

Moved to New York, Lots of rich men
With an eye for the finer things in life
Built a business, laundered dollars
Got me rich and living the high life

Attracted some unwanted attention
Double crossed and caught out by the Feds
Stitched up with a fake passport
Arrested me and nine others more

The case became front page news
Thanks to long red hair and D cup boobs
My weapons of mass attraction
Took the world’s instant attention

Don’t you know I’ve got a Master’s degree
And an IQ of one-six-three
Maybe my best assets aren’t on my chest
But they’re the ones you all want to see

Exiled to Russia but that won’t stop me
Making headlines, exploiting my own fame
On facebook they say I want to poke her
So I make them pay for iphone app poker

Done deals with magazines
Agent provocateur is how they portray me
But you know, that’s fine by me
Oh yes
Oh yeah

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported