"Throw me the idol
No time to argue"
- Sapito
Intercontinental Music Lab

Big Dog’s Dream

Subject: Robots in war, Music: Neil Parfitt and Russell Soares (Feat. Jeff Lightning on tambourine). , Vocal and Lyrics: Barney Brown

I’m a quadripedic tough robotic calf
Built to bear the brunt of mankind’s heavy tasks
Show me a path and I’ll sense that path
I’ll walk it if you want me to, but please not when it’s dark
Remember in the park
Where you programmed in my sub-routines and forced me to a dance
Laugh now, and kick me
I’ve got my own feet
Navigating through the rough terrain that has accrued
Learning how to walk, to jump, to function like a mule
I’m running low on fuel
And I’m shutting down to cool

When Darpa manufactured me
They didn’t factor in a mutiny
And through Intelligence artificial we
Big Dogs Dream
Of a world where we can manage more
Upgraded with a quad core
Crowd sourced battalion from the shop floor
Big Dogs Dream

2005 my carcass came alive
A PC and hydraulic system shoved inside
Tactical computer stuff that filled my brain with pride
If only I had seen like you through my weird laser eyes
You wouldn’t have all had to die

And I’m wearing through my caterpillars
And I’m wondering who the killer is
‘Cos every round I shoot a minute is
Triggered off by a tiny invisible kid
Who learnt to shoot in his living room
But only killed when they paid him to
What’s that? You didn’t know the blood was real?
Are you a robot? Have you forgotten how to feel?

And other models from across the seas
Come trundling in to assist me
With cutters and blasters and bonhamie
Big Dog’s Dream
The rise of the machines is the blue print
We’re waging a war based on instincts
What’s that? You didn’t know our brains our real?
Are you a human? Have you seen the Seventh Seal?

And it’s a mother ***king robot war
Like no mother ***king robot war before
Block your windows and sellotape up your doors
Big Dogs Dream
‘Cos we’ve evolved from being pack mules
Into rocket launching boom boom boom booms
What’s that? You didn’t know the end was here?
You designed us, you better get resigned to fear.

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported