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Intercontinental Music Lab

Five Hundred Five

Subject: Simo Hayha, Music: Seventy Seven, Vocal and Lyrics: Dan Waldkirch

(October 1st, 1939. It’s cold. My scope is covered in frost. I’m taking it off. The glare alone could get me killed. I’m better off without it. I can see my breath. Perhaps the enemy can, too. I’ll breathe into a mouthful of snow. I’ve never killed anyone before. But I’ll do what they tell me, as well as I can.
The Russians are here. I have to go.)

Finland’s finest on a Red campaign
Blackest death all dressed in white.
I can see you through the windowpane
And I can wait for you all night

Three for every day here in the snow
Six for every day I hide
Ten for every time the cold winds blow
More, until I change my mind.

(I’ll never change my mind)


You can’t run.
You can’t hide.

Maybe I’m not who they say I am
Maybe you could still survive
Maybe you’re the wrench in Finland’s plans
Or maybe you’re five hundred five.


I can’t miss.
I can’t die.

War’s a game and now you know the score
And now you’ll never turn your back
The only reason there’s not hundreds more
Is cause I’ve stopped keeping track.


You can’t run.
You can’t choose.
You can’t win.
I can’t lose.

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