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Won't Come Between Us

Subject: Conscientious Objector, Music: Joseph Ashley-Smith , Vocal and Lyrics: Bob Fisher

Son, I think you’re wrong
But I respect your right
I’d rather you be shot than
Betray your own mind
White feather women and the fair weather preachers
Brand any man’s hand and they urge me to cast you out
Well, I won’t see it their way

They won’t come between us

I felt it right to go
Whilst, brother, you stayed home
In absolute defiance
WIth a fate that is unknown
I’ve seen scores of bodies blackened or broken
Been buried in mud and sent into the open fields
This will never leave me
But I don’t expect you at my side,no

This won’t come between us

They brought you here into their own jurisdiction
But still couldn’t force you to stand to attention
For the courage of your convictions

So, with nowhere to go
They tried your mind
And they came so close

It won’t come between us

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