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Mysteries of the Unexplained

For this album we explored the worlds frequented by the wondrous Arthur C Clarke in many popular hardback books of the 70s and 80s alongside popular unsolved tricksy tales of ethereal happenings.

Release date: August 2010, Album artwork: Eric Lebofsky, Album wrangler: Tim Donderevo, Album mastered by: Tim Donderevo

1. When I Explode
Subject: Spontaneous Human Combustion, Music by Barney Brown & Rich Field, Lyrics & Vocals by Mike Weber
2. Der Poltergeist
Subject: Poltergeists, Music by Joseph Ashley-Smith, Lyrics & Vocals by Dan Waldkirch
3. Feel The Hair
Subject: Bigfoot, Music by Kelly Hoglund & Tim Donderevo, Lyrics by Barney Brown, Vocals by Gay 2.Oh!
4. Depressed Yeti Tell-All
Subject: The Yeti, Music by Craig Macintosh, Lyrics & Vocals by Eric Lebofsky
5. Legend Of The Goat Sucker
Subject: El Chupacabra, Music by Mike Weber, Lyrics & Vocals by Joseph Ashley-Smith
6. A Funny Kind Of Love
Subject: Spectrophilia, Music by Julian Peters & Sam Berry, Lyrics & Vocals by Greg Dean
7. Message Of The 13
Subject: Crystal Skulls, Music by Tim Donderevo, Lyrics & Vocals by Layla Vandenbergh
8. Monogamy Wasn’t Meant For The Immortal
Subject: Immortal Jellyfish, Music by Joe Dean, Lyrics & Vocals by Julian Peters & Sam Berry
9. From Me To You
Subject: ESP/Intersubjectivity, Music by Eric Labofsky, Lyrics by Craig Macintosh, Vocals by Craig Macintosh & Maria Bennassar
10. Deja Vu
Subject: Deja Vu, Music by Oli Hayhurst, Lyrics & Vocals by Kip Loades
11. Beautiful Enigma
Subject: The Bloop, Music by Dan Waldkirch, Lyrics by David Sanchez & Benjamin Arntzen, Vocals by Benjamin Arntzen
12. I Want To Be A Rider
Subject: Kaspar Hauser, Music by Rob Fisher, Lyrics by Kelly Hoglund & Tim Donderevo, Vocals by Kelly Hoglund
13. A Form So Fair
Subject: Alien Encounters, Music by Layla Vandenbergh, Lyrics & Vocals by Rob Fisher

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