"I'm not really
interested in
making money"
- Steve Spielberg
Intercontinental Music Lab

There Is Science In This Child

Subject: James Chadwick, Music by Tim Donderevo, Lyrics/Vocals by Bercilak de Hautdesert, with Elliot and Sammy Brown

So I took a punt and asked you, bloodless, out to lunch
The smiler served a fission, poured a half-life in your cup, while I
Sat decaying at the table with my wine

You call me neutral
And guarded by your loving pit bull, you made
A tigerís leap into this heart of mine

Protons! Neutrons!
Fourteen years smothering his body in paraffin wax
How were we to know?
Which way he would go?
There is science in this child

Protons! Neutrons!
Fourteen years greasing the Earthís invisible pig
Nothing draws a crowd
Like a hole in the ground
There is science in this quiet child

Wonít you let me in?
To touch your Farah Fawcett skin?
Donít you want to know whatís underneath this tent-like white coat?

That light! It is bewitching!
There is something up my sleeve
The reaction is ungodly, but the Devil knows Iíve tried to believe
Everything will blow on New Yearís Eve

The universe is made of fourteen fingers and fourteen toes
This I know from my research to be sound
The properties of the penetrating radiation emitted from beryllium
When bombarded by the a-particles of polonium
Have been examined thoroughly … very thoroughly!

So we must proceed
With our fingers in the dark
With the flavours of the quark

Protons! Neutrons!
14 years living with the buzz of a cycolotron
The girls have all left home
Theyíve gone out to roam
With the child and his science

Protons! Neutrons!
14 years living on the bed of a black, black stream
Their eyes have all gone wide
They have filled up their minds
With the child and his science

Protons! Neutrons!
14 years living with a Chinese woman in my cupboard
The air will dye us red
As we lie asleep in bed
There is science in this violent child

I wish to express my thanks to Mr H. Nutt for his help in carrying out these experiments
And not forgetting Maxwellís Demon, who held my hand and opened so many doors along the way

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported